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Seasons Restaurant - Full of Local Flavour

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Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant - London China Town ...

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Who We Are The success story of Four seasons Restaurant began in 1990 with its first branch in Queensway, London.

Since then, a small restaurant has become known worldwide and has opened in several locations.

The famed Four seasons' roast duck has been lauded by the UK edition of the Financial Times as 'the best roast duck in the world'.

Preparation is the key to a perfect roast duck.

Roast duck must be eaten while it is warm, before the skin is softened by the moisture in the air.

Seasons Edinburgh -

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Divided into lunch and dinner services; the lunch service offers two and three course options, while the dinner service is ‘menuless’ in the traditional sense instead you are presented with a small tied up scroll of paper on your napkin, open the scroll and a list of around three dozen ingredients are written down ranging from the everyday ingredients like broccoli, chive, lamb and peas to the more exotic like nettle, sea purslane, black truffle and channel wrack.

With the drinks pairings organised and food list ticked off, the evening started with a glass of prosecco and an Amouse Bouche which was a delightful ceramic egg filled with cured Scottish Salmon dill espuma foam, we then moved onto our first course which was Tobermory poached Langoustine with quinoa, burnt apple and covered in Langoustine Bisque, it was incredible, every mouthful was sensational!

A little touch I liked was the wine bottle is left on the table giving you time to discover more as you drink As the restaurant name suggests – dishes follow the seasons and food availability, so dishes change frequently, in fact you could go every few weeks and have a new menu that’s how creative Seasons is.

I love Tasting menu’s and Seasons is something really special, as well as incredibly well priced for the quality of food and overall experience – 5 courses is £40 and drinks pairings £25 (plus this is not just an in and our style restaurant expect to spend around 2/3 hours).

Whilst the surprise element of not knowing what each dish will be is for the more adventurous diner – each course is pure-joy and by being able to score off ingredients at the beginning means you are not playing Russian roulette and are guaranteed an exceptional culinary experience – one word GO!

No Longer Young, but Still Turning Heads - The New York Times

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This at a restaurant with dinner salads for more than $20, short ribs for $45 and breast of pheasant for $55?

But these days any restaurant with a similar sense of self updates its menu regularly, and many do so more frequently than the Four Seasons, which in this way and others is no longer a pioneer.

And there’s little fault to be found in a meaty rack of lamb; in a plate of Kumamoto oysters slathered with a potent anchovy butter; in the white asparagus that the restaurant begins to incorporate in various dishes as it unveils its spring menu, which brims with morels and fiddlehead ferns; or in most of the desserts.

The wood-walled Grill Room is the capital of the power lunch; the Pool Room, with its iconic, water-filled marble center, is the premium dinner real estate.

RECOMMENDED DISHES Bison carpaccio; organic beet salad; white asparagus with morels; chilled seafood selections or platter; Dover sole; bison fillet; rack of lamb; crisp duck; chocolate velvet; hazelnut tartlet.

Seasons Restaurant - Home

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Seasons Restaurant has a fresh seasonal take on European cuisine combined with Scandinavian flair, local produce coupled with Nordic ingredients.

When you sit down to your table you will be presented with a list of the finest seasonal ingredients which our founder and executive chef Matthew Urry has put together.

Wine & food are a match made in heaven, we truly live and breathe the European ethos that every dish should be paired to wine/cocktail/beer.

Our staff arel all lovers of wine & food and with over 10 years in hospitality in some of Edinburgh's best restaurants.

We ask for you to put your trust in our ethos and our team to produce something special, fresh and seasonal.

Seasons Restaurant @ Hilton Dartford Bridge in Crossways Bus ...

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Take some time our and visit the Season’s Restaurant, situated within Hilton Dartford Bridge.

Enjoy a culinary journey having picked dishes from the extensive menu that serves the finest in international cuisine, meaning that there will be something for everyone.

Please note: the tastecard discount is available on the a la carte menu only, this excludes the Buffet Menu.

This restaurant only serves food in the evenings.

Three Seasons Restaurant | Vietnamese & Asian Cuisine

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Our brand new restaurant and bar, Wild Carrot is now open.

Named after the dainty white wildflower found plentifully in the fields that make up Dogmersfield Park, Wild Carrot is overseen by Executive Chef Dirk Gieselmann working closely with Restaurant Chef Adam Fargin.

Chef Dirk’s signature dishes, reflecting his culinary journey and experience, harmoniously sit alongside Chef Adam’s contemporary take on British classics.

Created under the helm of acclaimed designer Martin Brudnizki, Wild Carrot is distinctively British in design.

Alongside the Restaurant, The Bar at Wild Carrot features an exceptional menu of classic cocktails and artisanal concoctions, inspired by seasonal ingredients and the intriguing history surrounding Hampshire and the Hotel’s estate.

The best roast duck in the world

The Pool Strives to Deal With Its Famous Dining Room - The New ...

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A trio of flash-seared Hokkaido sea scallop, Pacific mackerel whose skin had been peppered and griddled, and raw amberjack under tiny cells of finger lime suggested that Mr. Torrisi could run a stunning sushi restaurant.

Ms. Prida, who until a few months ago was the pastry chef at Manresa in Los Gatos, Calif., has a knack for combining flavors that seem to get more interesting as you go along, like a crème brûlée with shaved plums and bitter almond ice cream under a squiggle of reduced sherry vinegar, or coconut parfait and fluffy pink-grapefruit mousse sandwiched between the thinnest possible layers of matcha sablé.

Bottles of Chateau d’Yquem going back to 1811 are kept in a glass wine room just off the entrance to the Pool, where they cast a beautiful amber glow that the servers are fond of pointing out.

Compared with the talkative, jokey characters in the Grill, who are ready to flambé something at the drop of a hat, the servers in the Pool are cardboard figures in tailored suits.

Recommended Dishes Raw fish; sea urchin toast; anchovy toast; sheep’s milk ricotta gnudi; Dungeness crab rice; Alaskan halibut with fennel and razor clams; Dover sole; Portuguese turbot; layered coconut cream; bitter almond brûlée.

Aby Rosen's Four Seasons Restaurant - Takeover of Power Lunch ...

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In 2015, Rosen kicked out (his words) Julian Niccolini and Alex von Bidder, who for more than 40 years had run the Four Seasons restaurant inside Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s emblem of midcentury glamour, the Seagram Building on Park Avenue.

Rosen could make a case that it was time to stick a fork in the Four Seasons without even discussing the quality of the dining experience (“The only thing these guys know about food is how much to charge for it,” Daniel Boulud once joked at a roast) or the fact that the interiors had fallen into relative disrepair.

As a clear sign that there is new management, the restaurant began by offering dinner service only, with plans to introduce lunch a few months on.On a recent summer night, waiters in custom-designed Tom Ford suits (“When I asked him to design the suits, Tom told me he was really busy doing a movie and had to think about it,” Rosen tells me.

He was the subject of a 2013 New York Times piece with the headline “Making His Life the Party,” which described Rosen’s ability to effortlessly lure everyone from Gigi Mortimer to Bono to Alex Rodriguez to his happenings.He is now 57, but his fondness for revelry remains intact; these days he owns the Blond, in Soho, which he calls “the hottest club in New York,” as well as the Rose Bar in the Gramercy Park Hotel (of which he is also the landlord).

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below The “painful treatment” to which Rosen refers may go back as far as 2013, when he successfully removed the largest Picasso in the U.S., the tapestry La Tricorne, from the hallway connecting the Grill Room and the Pool Room—otherwise known as Picasso Alley.